Tilted Implants and Sinus Floor Elevation Techniques Compared in Posterior Edentulous Maxilla: A Retrospective Clinical Study over Four Years of Follow-Up

E.Gherlone, B.D’Orto, M.Nagni, P.Capparè, R.Vinci

Applied sciences 02/07/2022,12,6729 

 Soft and hard tissue changes after immediate implant placement with or without a sub-epithelial connective tissue graft:Results from a 6-month pilot randomized controlled clinical trial

D.Guglielmi, G.L.D.Domenico, S.Aroca, F.Vignoletti, V.Ciaravino, R.Donghia, M.de Sanctis

Journal of Clinical Periodontology Accepted: 12 June 2022 

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