Comparison of the accuracy at the implant-abutment interface in original abtument and copy compatible abutment connected to orignal implant 

Matteo Galullo, Henri Panajoti, Matteo Nagni, Aldo Russo, Giorgio Gastaldi 
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The effect of immediate implant placement on alveolar ridge preservation compared to to spontaneuos healing after tooth extraction: Radigraphic results of randomized controlled clinica trial 

M.Clementini, A.Agostinelli, W.Castelluzzo, F.Cugnata, F.Vignoletti, Sanctis 
Journal of Clinical Periodontology 2019

Augmented reality for dental implantology: 
a pilot clinical report of two cases
Gerardo Pellegrino*, Carlo Mangano, Roberto Mangano, Agnese Ferri, Valerio Taraschi, Claudio Marchetti

BMC Oral Health (2019) 19:158

Relationship Between Crestal Bone Levels and Crown-to-Implant Ratio of Ultra-short Implants with a Microrough Surface: A Prospective Study with 48 Months of Follow- up

L. Malchiodi, E. Giacomazzi,  A. Chucchi, G. Ricciotti, R. Caricasulo, D. Bertossi, E. Gherlone 
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Immediate Loading Mandibular Rehabilitation with Reduced Number of Implants

A. Cardarelli, M. Grechi, P. Montemezzi, M .Piro, P. Capparè 
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