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carta servizi bialignerImmediate advantages for Patients and Dentists

The value of the service

Guided Implant Surgery is an increasingly common clinical practice in today’s dental surgeries; as a consequence of this type of surgery, rehabilitation is precise, targeted, and less invasive.

The 3D technology, which is at the core of everything, allows for adequate planning of the intervention, the number of implants needed, and the most appropriate prosthetic solution.

Adopting new protocols in surgical operations may initially require direct contact with experts.
In Guided Surgery every therapy is a separate project, and the availability of competent personnel to whom one can refer plays a decisive role.

BIOSAFIN – which produces the WINSIX Implant System in its Italian facilities– has developed a series of specific services which will allow you to undertake Guided Surgery by offering such treatment to the Patient, knowing that you are supported by specialists who will – should you need them - provide you with tools and immediate answers.