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 Invisible orthodontics are now very much in vogue and have huge potential, many patients concentrating on the Aesthetics of the Smile.

BIALIGNER is a new device which can be offered should the patient desire realignment of the teeth in order to achieve the aesthetic of the smile.

The BIALIGNER system is designed according to accredited and certified protocols; it is easy to plan and implement, and can be used by any dentist.

Why choose BIALIGNER: 

MADE TO MEASURE > they are made on the basis of individual patient impressions

PRE-VIEWED RESULTS > it is possible to show patients on a monitor what their new smile will be at the end of the treatment, which induces a high level of acceptance

SECURE > made of non-toxic, anti-allergenic, resistant material (medical grade thermo-plastic resin) 

EASY TO MANAGE > delivered to the Dentist in a unique packaging with printed sequential ordering no. > in case of loss of a brace, it is simple to identify and replace it 

PAINLESS THERAPY > the dentist gives the patient one brace at a time, thereby supervising the therapy’s progress

INVISIBLE TREATMENT > the material’s quality makes it particularly transparent and perfectly adherent to the tooth 

SPECIFICALLY PLANNED FOR EASE OF USE BY THE PATIENT > easy to put in place and remove independently

SPECIFIC SERVICE > in order to assist you, the company places specifically trained staff at your disposal



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