Chirurgia Implantare Guidata

A step forward in your profession

The use of digital technologies in dental practice has considerably improved diagnostic and therapeutic procedures allowing for targeted, accurate, and less invasive treatments.
3D technology applied to implant dentistry has made it possible to plan the best suited procedure, the number and position of the implants, and the most suitable prosthetic solution.
The protocol processes the patient’s digitally acquired data, thereby allowing the dentist to select the therapeutic solutions through digital imaging.


The WINGUIDE 3D dental planning software allows the dentist to consider various restoration solutions, simulate prosthetic solutions, and accurately examine individual functional and aesthetic parameters. All this helps optimise rehabilitation times and minimise surgical risks while ensuring results that meet expectations. WINGUIDE allows you to import the STL files from the laboratory or a scanner. This open software is extremely accurate and easy to use.


Chirurgia Implantare Guidata