A wide choice of five implant morphologies 6mm high and of four different diameters

On the basis of scientific studies over many years, WINSIX has enlarged its offer by creating a complete SHORT Line, which benefits from all the synergies of the System.

There is a wide choice between five implant morphologies; 6mm in height and of four different diameters, these can be applied using the same unique WINSIX Surgical Kit, in which can be found – in a clear and logical sequence - all the drills and instruments necessary for the surgical phase of insertion and tightening of the implant.

Similarly, prosthetic accessories can be chosen and kept with the instruments already in use for the >6mm implants.

WINSIX SHORT Implants are indicated in the following cases:

  • scarce bone availability
  • reabsorption of the alveolar ridges
  • insertion close to the mandibular nerve
  • important alternative to sinus lift where the base bone allows for it LINEA SHORT X SITO